Skills Video

Prices starting at $250

A skills video is two parts. It includes a personal/group filming session where the individual player performs a specific set of skills with regard to their position. Filming sessions can take 1.5-2 hours and are done with one of our coaches and film crew. These sessions can also be run by one of the player’s regular club or school coaches.

Once filmed, MyRecruitVideo will edit those skills into a professional skills video. A link will be provided to the athlete for review and upon approval will be cleared for sending to college coaches. Cost of the skills videos start at $250. Discounts given for multiple players, teams and group sessions.

  • Skills footage filmed and edited by MyRecruitVideo
  • Interview with athlete
  • Editing
  • Two (2) Reviews
  • Uploading to YouTube


What to expect on taping day (Skills Videos)

  1. Try to show up to the location of the taping 15-20 minutes early to get stretched out and warmed up.
  2. You will be playing hard for at least 3-4 hours so bring plenty of fluids and a light snack (carbohydrates) if you like, to keep your energy levels high.
  3. The order of events will be decided by the athlete although typically the interview will occur first and running drills will be separated to avoid exhaustion.
  4. You will be allowed to take as many breaks as needed but remember, the more breaks you take, the longer it will take to shoot the video.
  5. MyRecruitVideo will need to shoot plenty of video to make the final version perfect for college coaches, so have patience with the process.
  6. Have fun!

Taping day checklist

  1. Get plenty of rest the night before. You will need to be at full strength for taping day!
  2. Print and review the “Athlete Questionnaire” for your sport. The interview will go much smoother if you are prepared.
  3. Wear your full uniform including protective gear.
  4. Bring at least two friends or teammates – also in uniform – to assist with the drills.
  5. Make sure you bring an adult – parent or coach – to assist with the drills.
  6. Be sure to look your best when you arrive. Your video will be in front of college coaches as well as the general public.
  7. Eat well before the taping. You will be playing very hard for at least three consecutive hours.
  8. Ice your arm, legs, or any other body parts the night before so you are ready for taping day. You want to feel your best to play your hardest.
  9. Bring all your equipment necessary to your position.
  10. BRING YOUR SIGNED RELEASE FORM (above)! We cannot shoot any video without the form.