Sure! And many parents do. The general feedback I get from those who do their own video is: It takes too long (10-15+ hours). I don’t know what I’m looking for. I’m in way over my head. MyRecruitVideo will even review your highlight as a coach would see it and give you feedback specific to your son or daughter.

Coaches receive so many recruiting contacts, they need to quickly assess which players are worth investing their time into. They rarely spend time pursuing a player that they have not seen. A MyRecruitVideo film gives them everything they need to quickly and accurately assess a players best skills.

There are many companies that have offered highlight videos from time to time, but no one does them better than MyRecruitVideo. We use professional coaches to review each and every contact to ensure that they are quality. Most other companies use general editors and require the parents to submit the clips. We not only find the clips but evaluate each one to make sure it helps the player and their recruiting process.

It’s simple. There will never be a bad contact in a video. Parents don’t always know what a coach is looking for. Other companies don’t use Professional coaches to review EACH CONTACT. Every contact is evaluated several times before the final video is shown. The competition will use a general editor who knows nothing about the sport. Their work is sloppy at best and can take several months to finish. We take pride in EACH and EVERY video we do. We offer free advice to recruits on top of that because we want to see them play in college!

Some companies take up to 3 months to process a film. MyRecruitVideo usually has films back in your inbox within 7-10 business days. We offer 24-48 hour turnaround for an additional charge and based on availability.

A video log is a list of notes that you create to tell us which parts or “times” of the video we should fast forward to and edit into the final video. If you send us the video log along with your video, it will reduce the price of your video’s production. Click “Video Log” do download your video log and to begin completing it.

Videos can be submitted via Flash Drives, DVD’s, online links, online storage or Dropbox. Let us know what you have and we can design the best way to submit.

We are located in Northern Kentucky and can travel accordingly. If there are any travel costs, they are reasonable and discussed on a case by case basis.

The player is responsible for securing the facility or field as well as all costs associated with that reservation. We highly suggest that you contact your school to make such an arrangement at a time that is affordable or even free.

The link can be sent to college coaches or even placed in your athlete’s personal recruiting profile.

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